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Shopping centre and commercial building

Multifaceted mixed use | Every effort is being made to achieve well-mixed use on the ground and 1st floors of the VoltaCenter: space is available for shops, restaurants and offices. This mix will ensure a high level of attractiveness and will specifically guide the visitor flows through the shopping centre and commercial building. The commercial premises for rent range from 30 to 500 square metres and may be individually finished by tenants to suit their own needs.

Large display windows | Good use of the VoltaCenterís prominent location between Vogesenplatz and Lothringerplatz is made by incorporating large display window areas. The large, transparent display windows are ideal to present the goods offered in the Center to the outside world.

Parking garage

To our tenants

Basler Kantonalbank Coop
Inside Zekiri
Volta Apotheke Post

Commercial premises

Area Floor Occupancy status PDF
Ca 139.0 EG let
VK1 1'229.1 EG let
VK2a 65.7 EG let
VK3a 29.7 EG let
VK4 113.9 EG let
PVK1 102.0 OG 1 let
Re 366.1 OG 1 let
VK2b 86.8 OG 1 let
VK3b 40.1 OG 1 let
VK5 28.5 OG 1 let
VK6.1 316.4 OG 1 let
VK7 100.6 OG 1 let
VK8.1 29.6 OG 1 let
VK8.2 66.3 OG 1 let
TV1 170.5 UG 1 let
WDVK1 15.8 UG 1 let
VK6.2 163.1 OG 1 to rent

Service premises

Area Floor Occupancy status PDF
DL1 160.0 EG let
B3 140.3 OG 1 let
B4 189.8 OG 1 let
B5 / L7 119.0 OG 1 let

Storage area

Area Floor Occupancy status PDF
L6 437.4 EG let
L2 95.3 UG 1 let
L3 29.0 UG 1 let
L4 53.4 UG 1 let
L5 22.3 UG 1 let
L1 159.8 UG 2 let

Glazed units

We have two glazed units to let (44.6m² / 44.2m²). These are situated beneath the Luzernerring bridge, directly in front of the shopping centre. The fully glazed facade creates transparency and draws the attention of passers-by. Ideal for use as a kiosk, flower shop, take-away or many other purposes. Available for occupation from March 2010. Further details on the glazed units, such as the floor plans and sectional plans can be found in the PDF below.

Area Floor Occupancy status PDF
Kiosk1 44.6 EG aussen let
Kiosk2 44.2 EG aussen let
Project details, floor plans and dates subject to change. Provisional offer, subject to prior letting (S.E. & O.).